Thursday, June 16, 2011

To abandonned and aborted children

You are now the whisper
That turns the leaves
With the Golden light of Twilight
You are the developed thought
Within the red light
Behind the closed eye of early morning
Remembering the loss of the night before
You exist within the space between my folded arms
And in my heart...I feel the emptiness and loss
Dear are not forgotten
There are many mornings waiting for you
A resurrection behind ongoing violet hills
Many other children to play with...songs to be sung
Myriads of green fields to run...filled with stars
Endless angelic hands to cradle you
You are the tears that God has wept
Which reflect in each drop...His light
A rainbow after the rain...a rebirth
Refreshing...water after thirst

Tania and I

Me and my beautiful daughter
tania...who I have a beautiful relationship with