Friday, January 23, 2009

A Piece of Me

The stars have fallen down in worship
And between the stars
There is so much longing
And you have become a piece of me
Buried beneath the muscle of my heart
The nightingale cries
And the wind blows through
Moonlit trees
As I sit here on this prayer rug
All of nature rushes into me
The leaves, the trees, the vines
Enter the windows
And wrap around me
I want this marriage
Between you and I
That I have imagined
And not to be a facet of the dream
But to be a part of the Real
Beyond ritual and culture
The false reality of day
Blinds me
Despite the beauty of your signs
At night..all the masks drop off
You are closer than the juggler vein
Of my neck
I tremble with love and fragility
As I prostrate myself
Before you

Finding Home

Empty hours
Like starless nights
Filled with longing...longing
For something more
The painful cold
Only to imagine you
Within the corner of my heart
Bitter cold
I am trembling
This winter seems
To never end

I dream of spring
Beneath moonlit skies
Orion in South
Like a father
Looking down
Gardens in moonlight
Wildflowers like lace
Upon fields
I dream of caves
Standing waist deep
In healing waters
My head bowed down in worship
And I have learned
How to profoundly love
As your light
Envelopes me
I know that you will remain
With me....
And within my heart
You will find a Home