Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In November...I went for a few weeks to visit Bangladesh and to visit family...I did not go out that much...but I had a chance to visit with my mother in law and sisters in law...and to eat very good Bengali food...but on the way back I had a chance to visit Istanbul in is a very beautiful is very old and the streets was made with cobble stones..and the houses were very quaint....we only got to stay a few days..but during those two days..we did a lot..and my daughter Alia came from Switzerland to join us..we went on a boat ride...seeing the coast of the city...we went to Topaika Palace..which is the resident of the Sultan that ruled the Otoman was very beautiful..but within the palace was a section that held the relics of Prophet Muhammed PBUH..this included his tooth, his hair, his footprint, his clothing and his sword..also what stood out for me was it had Mose's staff that he used to split the red sea...and it turned into a snake...when the Pharouh and his magician tested him by turning their wands into snakes...his staff turned into a snake..and ate all the other snakes...we also saw Prophet Muhammad's daughter Fahtima's dress and her prayer rug...they had Muhammad's companion's Abu Bakr's sword..but I think it really impressed me was Mose's looked like a very old branch of a tree..I feel that it was there where he saw the burning bush and when he received the Ten was exciting for me...we saw other parts of the palace where we saw the Sultan's clothing..and very beautiful jewelery..such as diamonds and emeralds..sitting rooms..everywhere you looked there was Gold...then we went to the Blue Mosque to pray Juma prayer.very large domes and see why they named it the Blue Mosque...because it is made with Blue tile..very beautiful Arabic Calligraphy adorned the walls..In Islam in the are not supposed to show any within the mosque..there is usually mosaic and art that is not figurative..We went very nice restaurants..the food was very delicious..Turkey is known for its bread and cheeses..also we had lentil soup...everywhere we had very nice bread...their bread is very large but hollow on the inside..we went out to the bazzars where my daughter did some shopping...a lot of the jewelery had the eye..that wards off evil..One thing that was truly beautiful that we saw..was the whirling dervishes..this was downtown Istanbul and we had to take a bus from our hotel...It took place in an old bath house..and it was lit by very low light..dervishes are sufis that is the mysticism of Islam...they were dressed in white with tall hats with white robes...and kneeling on white lamb's the background was very soothing music...and then they spun..and whirled around...their beautiful white skirts flowing from them..their hands outstretched..right hand out stretched upward towards heaven the left hand pointing to the earth...and they were was very heavenly and serene...and they spun counterclockwise..representing the earth and the planets orbit in space..All this was very beautiful, because my daughter was there...she was not afraid to get lost...and did not mind going on the train to certain areas..and had a good sense of direction...all in all it was a beautiful trip

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To abandonned and aborted children

You are now the whisper
That turns the leaves
With the Golden light of Twilight
You are the developed thought
Within the red light
Behind the closed eye of early morning
Remembering the loss of the night before
You exist within the space between my folded arms
And in my heart...I feel the emptiness and loss
Dear are not forgotten
There are many mornings waiting for you
A resurrection behind ongoing violet hills
Many other children to play with...songs to be sung
Myriads of green fields to run...filled with stars
Endless angelic hands to cradle you
You are the tears that God has wept
Which reflect in each drop...His light
A rainbow after the rain...a rebirth
Refreshing...water after thirst

Tania and I

Me and my beautiful daughter
tania...who I have a beautiful relationship with

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Addies and Tropa’s wedding

You stand together
The threshold of your future
Before the great sea of Words
Going back to the Source
Jungles within oceans
Tangled roots of Generations
Of fathers encircling around your hearts
Webs holding you together
As you both venture forth
To the dawn of many mornings
Tenderness twines around both of you
Giving you the love and strength
To sacrifice for each other
To live for the happiness of each other
Hold each other sacred
Within the inner temple of your hearts
Loving only each other passionately

Build your house facing the Light
Of a strong foundation
Of compassion and kindness
Not to be washed out by the sea
But build your walls strong
With patience, compassion, empathy and the All-forgiving
To be able to overcome any obsticle
Firmly rooted in the sand
So that it can withstand anything
Any storm….any wind
Bare your souls to God
That no matter what difficulties
He will bring you peace of mind
Always look at each other
No matter how old you become
Like the day you first laid your eyes
On each other
The day you fell in love…and always every day
You will love each other more
And you will never see
The person grow older..
They will grow more beautiful
Because your love makes
Your Beloved more beautiful

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lilies at Twilight

The lily pads are purple to reflect the setting sun. The water is orange and gold to reflect the last rays of the sun. I was inspired by Monet’s water lilies and wanted to try my own rendition. The water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No More War!

The woman sings in her kitchen
Children play outside before dinner
Husbands come home from work...tired
Some from fields, factories or office
Strikes up a conversation with his wife
Gathers his children in his arms
As they sit and eat together
All beneath a late afternoon sun
Which shines on us all
The sun does not discriminate

But now silence...
Except for bombs
Beneath the sun
Lies makeshift graves
Of men who will never come home again
Children who will never again to feel his arms
Widows will wail instead of sing
No longer a longer a Home
Children and women unprotected
Just to disease and hunger
As if it were a mistake to be born

It could be Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir
Places we once called Home
Burned beyond recognition

When we will pass away
There will be no color to identify ourselves
There will only be One Reality
Our feet and hands will speak
Bear witness
To what we have done to our fellow man