Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Muir Woods

muir woods
I am walking hand in hand within this tall woods with you
At first, it is covered in mist and fog
High upon a mountain top
I had to search for You
I had to make the twisted climb
With much effort
The picture of You and I together
I held so tenderly within my youth
Looking at thoe early mornings
All contrasting and soft colors
I had yearned for his tender handhold
I had yearned to find You
Within the clock of Nature
For You were home to me
Within the Walled Entrance
Of Eternal Acceptance
Taste of the Light
I wanted so badly
For You...For only You
Many paths I took the wrong directions
Manny times finding myself
At the bottom again
Many times feeliing hopeless
Feeling he tears within my mouth
But to me..the struggle was worth it
If it would guarantee your love
For this solitary, imperfect pilgrim
If it would guarentee what I searched for
My whole life
Then the struggle is worth it
To have you in Reality
And not in a dream
Or to be deceived by others
but to be with You in that mist filled
Sun-shafted forest forever
That is my dream