Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Addies and Tropa’s wedding

You stand together
The threshold of your future
Before the great sea of Words
Going back to the Source
Jungles within oceans
Tangled roots of Generations
Of fathers encircling around your hearts
Webs holding you together
As you both venture forth
To the dawn of many mornings
Tenderness twines around both of you
Giving you the love and strength
To sacrifice for each other
To live for the happiness of each other
Hold each other sacred
Within the inner temple of your hearts
Loving only each other passionately

Build your house facing the Light
Of a strong foundation
Of compassion and kindness
Not to be washed out by the sea
But build your walls strong
With patience, compassion, empathy and the All-forgiving
To be able to overcome any obsticle
Firmly rooted in the sand
So that it can withstand anything
Any storm….any wind
Bare your souls to God
That no matter what difficulties
He will bring you peace of mind
Always look at each other
No matter how old you become
Like the day you first laid your eyes
On each other
The day you fell in love…and always every day
You will love each other more
And you will never see
The person grow older..
They will grow more beautiful
Because your love makes
Your Beloved more beautiful


Mubassar said...

I love you mom

cuarta said...